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    Digital innovators from BULGARIA! – Apply now for international award!

    WSA is a nomination based award system with a clear focus on digital innovation with social impact and relation to the UN SDG’s.

    Submissions for the WSA 2018 can contain all mobile and web-based applications, such as: apps, webpages, applications for wearable’s, kiosk installations, SMS based products, mobile games and interactive mobile productions. There is no limitation regarding the platforms or channels the projects work with.

    Nominations to the international WSA are possible through national contests and national Expert panel selection.


    Make sure to submit your project until 20 August 2018 for the pre-selection of WSA 2018 in Bulgaria through:



    services | open data | democratic participation


    medical care | sport | lifestyle Health & Well Being


    knowledge | science | skills The Learning & Education


    climate | sustainable resources | agriculture


    heritage | entertainment | subcultures


    mobility |productive work | sustainable living


    innovative services | security | finance | marketing


    diversity | gender | justice | human rights



    youth taking action on the SDG's | strictly for people under 30

    Recognizing digital innovation with high impact on society

    As a UN based initiative, the World Summit Awards select and promote the world’s most outstanding digital content. “Today, our world is almost entirely connected. But in this ocean of products and services, quality content is hard to find and local solutions have a hard time to compete with mainstream solutions”, states WSA Chairman Peter A Bruck. “WSA provides the answer to this issue, by promoting local content with global relevance.”

    This awards year’s highlight- The WSA Global Congress

    After the national pre-selection period, a jury of eminent experts will come together to evaluate the submissions and select the 40 best products from among hundreds of national nominations and the 6 best young innovators in the Youth category.

    The winners will get the chance to present their products at the WSA Global Congres. The event will offer a platform for high level experts, industry leaders and government representatives to discuss digital innovation.


    CONTACT: pavel[at]esicenter[dot]bg

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    WSA-mobile National Contest Bulgaria is open until July 15, 2016!

    Are you an author of a great mobile app? Or do you know a great app that makes a difference and you would like to nominate it for the World Summit Award-Mobile? Great news for you then - WSA-mobile National Contest Bulgaria is open for submissions until July 15, 2016– participate and nominate mobile content that matters!

    Professional national jury, chaired by European Software Institute - Center Eastern Europe and involving experts of ICT Media, BASSCOM, Department Informatics of NBUAssociation of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE)Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of University of Sofia, considers the submissions and proposes to the global jury one nomination from Bulgaria in each category.

    You can apply or nominate mobile applications in 8 categories:


    • Government & Citizen Engagement: services | open data | democratic participation
    • Health & Well Being: medical care | sport | lifestyle
    • Learning & Education: knowledge | science | skills
    • Environment & Green Energy: climate | sustainable resources | agriculture
    • Culture & Tourism: heritage | entertainment | subcultures
    • Smart Settlements & Urbanization: mobility |productive work | sustainable living
    • Business & Commerce: innovative services | security | finance | marketing
    • Inclusion & Empowerment: diversity | gender | justice | human rights

    The World Summit Award Mobile (WSA-mobile) selects and promotes the world's best mobile content and applications. By participating you get the possibility to pitch your project in front of a jury of international experts, giving direct feedback and input as well as growing your network with contacts to potential sponsors and partners and more.

    For more information or to submit a mobile app for the National Contest Bulgaria, click here!

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    Winners from the mYouth's free two-day mobile development camp in Sofia (14-15 May 2016)

    On the 15th of May, the Bulgarian two-day mYouth mobile app development camp, organized by the European Software Institute - Center Eastern Europe in Sofia Tech Park ended successfully.

    After a day of lectures and discussions on strategic thinking, business modeling and introduction to mobile security for Android, the participants presented to us their own projects.

    Those 26 participants made it really hard for us to choose only 3 winning mobile app projects, that would send their authors on a free 3-week mobile development training in Skopje, Macedonia!

    But without further ado, here are, in no particular order, the three winners:

    FindMyStuff - great project for a mobile lost and found service for Bulgaria. It will enable people not only to share information about lost or found objects or animals. It will also make it possible for public authorities and various organizations (transportation centers, train stations, airports, schools, restaurants etc.) to enter the "lost and found community". This way, it would be easier than ever to return that lost wallet you found or to find that umbrella you forgot on the subway.

    Singer - have you ever wondered if you can sing? How does your voice sound - good or bad? If you have, then you probably know that shyness that makes it so hard for a lot of people to sing face-to-face to someone just to receive feedback and guidelines for improvement. Singer is a social network for people who are wondering how to go about improving their singing abilities. You can not only share your recordings, but you can also make use of the vast library of backing tracks to sing along with.

    Explore Varna - this project is all about ensuring foreigners and tourists a quality time in Varna. This application will help you navigate through the city and it's best locations - restaurants, bars, historical or cultural monuments or even sports facilities. The application will navigate you to the location, give you a phone number of the place, as well as the ability to rate and share your experience in the app and on other social media through the app.

    More information about the project - here
    Official Facebook page of the project
    Official website of the project

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    Drumroll, please! We’re proud to announce the two Bulgarian winners awarded for world’s best products in the categories Health & Environment and Media & News – Bee Smart and Imagga!

    40 Winners from 24 countries, 24 Runner-ups, selected from 386 nominations. The UN-based World Summit Award (WSA) once more brings you a diameter of innovation from Indonesia to Argentina, from Iceland to New Zealand. See an app for cancer detection, robotics for first-graders and a political think tank. But not only that, the WSA Winners 2015 offer a vast spectrum of digital innovation.

    And this year, for the first time, Bulgaria has two representatives at the Global Stage of the World Summit Awards! One of the champions is Bee Smart, a product “saving honeybees through technology”. Bee Smart offers beekeepers tools for monitoring and data processing in real time, allowing them to take timely measures in order to prevent threats against their hives and colonies. The technology collects and measures data on the temperature and the humidity in the hive, the weight of the hive, the location of the bee colonies, the best practices in the production of honey, etc., and notifies the beekeeper. Bee Smart is among the top five in the category Health & Environment.

    Imagga is one of the winners in the Media & News category and provides technology for photo editing which detects and automatically places markers on images, which allows their easier analysis, annotation and use. The platform, as well as the generated metadata from the photos, serves the larger part of the photography-related ecosystem - photographers, stock photos websites and other commercial intermediaries, media and journalists, keen photographers, designers and advertisers, bloggers and many more.

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    Two Bulgarian projects are shortlisted for the second round of World Summit Awards

    The World Summit Award announces the 97 international projects chosen by the WSA Online Jury to go to the second round of evaluation. Selected from 386 nominations from 86 countries, these 97 digital innovations will now be evaluated by the WSA Grand Jury.

    There are two Bulgarian products in the shortlist: Bee Smart Technologies in the category “Health and Environment” and Imagga in the category “Media and News”. The national WSA jury congratulates the Bulgarian shortlisted nominees!

    More information about the Bulgarian nominees for 2015 find here!

    Find the complete list here!

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    European Youth Award winners selected in the European Youth Capital Cluj-Napoca

    An app encouraging people to discover pretty streets by walking instead of taking cars, and motivating youth to engage creating a trendy brand of ‘social projects’ through an online portal are just two of the aims this year’s most outstanding and creative digital initiatives from all over Europe pursue. 17 inter-national experts selected 13 projects having impact on society as Winners of the European Youth Award in the European Youth Capital Cluj-Napoca.

    Two intense days full of constructive debates, passionate discussions and fruitful collaboration led to the most important result of the European Youth Award 2015: thirteen projects winning this year’s contest for young & smart digital social start-ups.

    “From the projects I have seen in this competition, there comes out a sense of “wow, I wish I could do that” and the feeling of pride and effort that these people put in their projects.”, says Marsha Tarle, Communications Manager at Telecentre-Europe and member of the EYA Grand Jury.

    Among the change-makers of tomorrow who convinced the 17 members of the EYA Grand Jury are two brothers, trying to fight worldwide killer number one with the means of technology: coronary artery disease. In Sweden, they developed a screening and early diagnosis tool based on a machine learning getting smarter over the time. Ultimately, this tool may save many lives.
    Although each of the winning projects is unique and stands out for itself, they have one thing in com-mon: high-impact on society through the creative use of digital technologies.

    The winning teams come from 10 different countries: Austria (2), Czech Republic, France, Germany (3), Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine. They are invited to showcase their projects at the Winners Event (EYA Festival) in Graz, Austria, from November 18-21. This three-day-long Festival is a unique event combining knowledge, innovation, networking, inspiration and motivation. On the basis of their presentation, the EYA Festival Grand Jury will select the Overall Winner 2015.

    Apart from being recognized on this international stage and getting access to the vibrant EYA network, EYA winners gain much more: for instance, students from all over Europe will develop project analyses and each project will be taken under a mentor’s wing for two months. “GovFaces has benefited enor-mously from the award which played a central role in helping to affirm, validate and legitimize the quali-ty and aspirations of our work.” concludes Jon Mark Walls, CEO of GovFaces his expierience of winning the EYA in 2014.

    See the complete list of winning projects, the Facebook page and the preliminary Festival program| | T: +43 660 63 04 08-2 | #EYA2015

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    National winners 2015!

    For the eighth consecutive year the national WSA jury nominated Bulgarian digital products in seven out of the eight categories of the competition.

    During August 2015, the second stage of the competition will take place – an online jury of international experts will evaluate and preselect between 15 and 18 products in each of the eight WSA categories. The finalists will compete in final stages of the competition – first in the Grand Jury stage (September 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan) during which the Jury comes together to evaluate the remaining projects that managed to pass to the last stage and then announce the five winners in each category. The fourth and the final stage is the Global Congress in which Global Champion Jury evaluates one Global Champion in each WSA category who is subsequently announced at the Award Ceremony and Gala.

    The national winners by category this year are:

    • e-Business and Commerce

    The Videonauts – a product that liberalizes the online video market. The Videonauts aims to help small companies to receive access to quality video in order to stimulate the online marketing of their products. They achieve all this using a special algorithm which connects the small company with a freelance consultant in video advertising and advertising materials.

    • e-Culture and Tourism

    Like Bulgaria  - an independent social branding project that aims to promote Bulgaria as a world-class tourist destination with quality content about the culture and history, nature and environment, sport and other experience-related tourist attractions. For the promotion of the campaign social medias (Facebook) are used which allows the users to add value and generate content based on user experience.

    • e-Entertainment and Lifestyle

    iCinema - a web service targeting the paid cinema on user demand, with a strong focus on European cinema. The platform offers an alternative to the traditional cinema experience and movie distribution, using the modern trends in the business model "cultural entertainment service based on subscription and demand." Users from around the world can choose what to watch by various categories in a catalog of European movies, they can also comment on actors, movies, directors, etc.

    • e-Health and Environment

    Bee Smart - is a set of technologies aiming to address and prevent the more and more threatening extinction of bee colonies. The product offers beekeepers tools for monitoring and data processing in real time, allowing them to take timely measures in order to prevent threats against their hives and colonies. The technology collects and measures data on the temperature and the humidity in the hive, the weight of the hive, the location of the bee colonies, the best practices in the production of honey, etc., and notifies the beekeeper.

    • e-Inclusion and Empowerment

    Dari Kruv - a platform for Apple, Android and Windows devices, that connects those willing to donate blood with those in need of blood transfusion and blood products. Every day, due to car crashes, operations, childbirth and various diseases, more than 500 people in Bulgaria have an emergency need of blood and blood products, available only through blood donation.

    • e-Learning and Science

    SmartiGraphs - an educational website, the mission of which is to contribute to a conscious and active citizen participation in  the political processes in Bulgaria. Using unique, copyright content, innovative tools and a team of experts, the goal of the site is to meet the needs of the citizens for knowledge related to politics and society in a comprehensive way (ie. Infographics). The main areas of focus of SmartiGraphs are the political and social issues.

    • e-Media and News

    Imagga - a technology for photo editing which detects and automatically places markers on images, which allows their easier analysis, annotation and use. The platform, as well as the generated metadata from the photos, serves the larger part of the photography-related ecosystem - photographers, stock photos websites and other commercial intermediaries, media and journalists, keen photographers, designers and advertisers, bloggers and many more.

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    More topics and new technologies in ISTA Con 2015 – call for speakers is now open!

    ISTA Con 2015 - Call for speakers is now open!

    On the 18th and 19th of November in Sofia Event Center (SEC) in Mall Paradise, Sofia will be held the 5th edition of the premier forum for software engineers in Central & Eastern Europe - The Innovation in Software Technologies and Automation Conference (ISTA Con) 2015.

    The conference is organized by five of the biggest IT companies in Bulgaria - SAP Labs Bulgaria, Infragistics, VMware, Musala Soft and Experian. The event is all about sharing knowledge, networking, presenting innovative aspects of the field… and having fun while doing so.

    With each new edition ISTA Con attracts new attendees and this year the organizers are planning to host more than 750 leading IT professionals, software developers, quality engineers and prominent industry speakers.

    The call for speakers for this year’s edition is now open. Papers and suggestions for session topics can be submitted until the 30th of June. The topics could be from all fields of software development, including, but not limited to: platforms for cloud technologies development, mobile systems, quality assurance and automation, security systems, agile methodologies for software development, DevOps and others.

    Learn more and apply at:

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    Apply now! WSA 2015 calls for Digital Creativity & Innovation with Smart Local Relevance

    The national selection for the World Summit Award – the global contest recognizing content, applications and solutions that impact the daily lives of millions and that connect minds in a smart manner, are now open!

    You can check the updated categories below:

    GovAward categories 2015ernment & Open Data

    Health & Environment

    Learning & Science

    Entertainment & Lifestyle

    Culture & Tourism

    Media & News

    Business & Commerce

    Inclusion & Empowerment


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    One country, one vote - the principle of the WSA ensures the global diversity featured by its winners. Every UN member states is entitled to nominate one digital innovation per WSA category. With this simple principle the WSA offers a unique selection worldwide, not dictated by size, development.

    Check the updated categories, here!

    “The main thing I got from the WSA15 was the possibility to meet gifted people from around the world, and share experiences, knowledge and contacts. It broadened my perspective and understanding of the global challenges and accomplishments in the field of mobile content, and gave me insights and network to support my work in the future.” Morten Nybo, World Heritage Denmark

    For more information, please check our website or contact us!

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    Smart minds connected

    News from the 2015 WSA-Mobile Global Congress

    WSA-mobile received almost 500 national nominations from around 100 UN member states. From 31st of January until 3rd of February 2015 the WSA mobile Global Congress took place in Abu Dhabi. 4 days of presenting the world's best 40 mobile innovations, discussing latest digital developments and bringing together opinion leaders from all corners of the world.


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    Global Champions 2015

    During the WSA-mobile Global Congress the WSA mobile Winners' had the chance to present their original products in front of the conference audience and an international Grand Jury of ICT experts. The Grand Jury members provided feedback to the winning teams and got a first hand look at the unique value and innovative ideas from each product team.

    Based on the presentations, the Grand Jury decided on 8 overall Global Champions, honoured and awarded at the WSA mobile Gala on the 3rd of February in Abu Dhabi. Check out their applications here!

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    3 Bulgarian applications take part in the second round of the international contest World Summit Award (WSA-mobile)

    SmartBirds was nominated in the category m-Environment&Health, the social network Forward competed in the category m-Entertainment&Lifestyle, and Talkie continued in the category m-Learning&Education.

    For more information, here!

    457 application from 98 UN member states participated in the mobile edition of World Summit Award. 202 of them were shortlisted for the second round. In the first half of September the 40 WSA-mobile winners to be invited to Abu Dhabi, Feb 1-3 2015 will be announced.

    See the WSA 2014 National Nominees from Bulgaria here!
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    The Bulgarian Superstars

    WSA Bulgaria nominee conquers the global market: The 2011 high achiever Flipps (iMediaShare) is among the most successful digital startups on an international scale. It is a mobile app that streams videos from your phone to the Smart TV. Flipps does not require more than for a TV and the mobile phone to be connected to the WiFi. It is compatible with over 250 million existing TV sets.The startup has managed to get 8 million installs, assigning its powerful video content distribution channel second place after Apple TV with 13 million sales. In order to push its growth further in addition to the initial funding raised from LAUNCHub (seed fund supporting entrepreneurs and digital startups in SEE) Flipps has also attracted the veteran venture investor Tim Draper(

    The Bulgarian Project SmartMuseum was among the winners in the category m-Tourism & Culture in the first edition of the World Summit Award Mobile in 2010.

    See it onYoutube-logo.

    In 2009 the Bulgarian project "Street Dance School - the Centre"  was awarded in the WSA category e-Entertainment and Games (

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