Award Categories

Eight Categories – One Goal: Content that Counts

From health to business, from science to inclusion: the eight WSA categories reflect the most crucial social issues of everyday life around the globe. Your e-Content adds substantial value to one of the following categories? Then it’s high time to get in contact with your national expert and apply for the World Summit Awards! They will nominate one product for each of the eight categories.

WSA categories reflect the UN WSIS action lines and are updated regularly to meet the development of the markets. For the edition of the World Summit Awards 2021 the categories are:

The above descriptions are suggestions & guidelines, not restrictions. Projects can apply for one category at a time. Application form for projects in these categories is available here:

Last but not least, you can also submit a project to the special category for young innovators, below the age of 26 years, through the dedicated portal on the WSA Global website, here: