EDT&Partners Announces its Strategic Partnership with WSA for the Award Category “Learning & Education”

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EDT&Partners has signed a strategic partnership with WSA and will work together to support and promoting the winners of the WSA award category “Learning & Education” by sharing best practices, learning & recommendations.

EDT Partners is a global, purpose-driven consulting firm dedicated to the business of education. EDT helps edtech firms, publishers, NGOs, universities, and governments accelerate innovation pipelines, grow sustainably into new territories, and consolidate plans for organic and inorganic expansion. EDT currently has a presence in the USA, Mexico, UK, Spain, Singapore, and China.

WSA Chairman Prof. Peter A. Bruck: “Over the last years, the category “Learning & Education” has proven to be a gem in terms of content richness, digital creativity, and forward-thinking. Even more so it is necessary to build a strong support network to foster this quality content. WSA and EDT& Partners have built strong cooperation. With this partnership, we have set another step in the mission to foster connection and exchange, supporting entrepreneurship for sustainable development.

WSA and EDT Partners sign strategic partnership agreement

Pablo Langa, EDT´s Managing Director, says, “We are delighted to sign an agreement with WSA and work together on improving education and access for vulnerable communities through technology. We look forward to achieving great things together.”

The Learning & Education category comprises solutions that:

  • Provide intelligent solutions for easy & low threshold access of education for everyone
  • Address the learning needs of every level of learner and creating interactive e-learning communities & interactive, personalized and distributed education resources online
  • Support knowledge transfer and skills gain in a complex and interactive fashion
  • Help teachers to enhance and simplify teaching & material creation & find new methods and innovative teaching solutions using ICT’s
  • Enhance corporate training & lifelong learning
  • Foster global collaboration in science, provide measures to promote science and demonstrate results and value to society
  • Eliminate gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to all levels of education and vocational training including persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situations
  • Provide child, disability and gender sensitive education tools and safe, non-violent, inclusive and effective learning environments
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