Nominations by category – 2013


1. e-Government & Open Data

Name of the project:

Summary of the project: The project “ – decoded laws” translates and provides rich legal content to Bulgarian and non-Bulgarian citizens and organizations. This is a social platform which leads to improvement in the services and communication between public administration and civil society. The platform is oriented around the idea to bring Bulgarian national legislation closer to the citizens and provide comprehensive information to the wide audience. “ – decoded laws” uses variety of channels to reach to the end users – web site, mobile application, social media and additionally the Department for Legal Culture (DLC) – an organization that stays behind the platform and organizes different off-line awareness events. This open and free on-line space is a hub for useful and practical data and information for all citizens.

2. e-Health & Environment

Name of the project: Walk2Help

Summary of the project: Walk2Help is a social application (for smartphones and web) bringing together people who like sport (walking) and healthy way of life, environmental and social causes, and sponsors. It is practical and gamified “brokerage” platform for social and charity initiatives (well exploited idea so far, but with ultimate and engaging design). Sponsors set the conversion rate and commit to donate to the selected causes upon achievement of virtual points. The “walkers” vote just by walking, and the application measures the distance and converts it into virtual points. The walker is choosing the cause he/she is supporting with the points. Separately, a list of proposals with causes is open for voting to obtain sponsors interest. Besides helping to charities, users learn about their contribution to the environment. Walk2Help estimates the saved amount of carbon dioxide that would be separated into the atmosphere while driving instead of walking. The global impact from the app so far just for few months – 3646 people walked 104514km and helped 18 causes. A real-time world web map of causes and contributions and pollution reduction is maintained. Used by top 10 Bulgarian companies for social responsible projects and charity. The platform is open for all type of NGOs, companies and sponsors worldwide.

 3. e-Learning & Science

Name of the project: Zone of Risk

Summary of the project: Zone of Risk is an online quest 3D video game dedicated to a part of our everyday life – Internet. The idea of the game is educate youngsters, parents and teachers about the risks Internet hides.

The gamers are in the role of a detective investigating the circumstances that led to the disappearance of a minor named Marina. By interrogating people, solving puzzles, going through the communication of the girl via mail and all social networks you are getting closer to bringing her back home. The goal of Zone of Risk is to recreate a real life situation and show the risks of Internet communication on one hand, and present the ways to avoid and prevent similar dangers in the future. Through an interactive, intriguing, brainstorming way the gamers are testing their knowledge and skills for Internet surfing. The skills for safe surfing are a combination of critical thinking, responsibility, technical skills and knowledge.

4. e-Entertainment & Games

Name of the project: Andromeda 5  

Summary of the project: Andromeda 5 is a Unity based free 3D adventure web game, available for different platforms – Windows, Mac, iOs. The universe of the game helps gamers to develop skills like leadership, team work, analytical thinking and attracts their interest in natural sciences. Andromeda 5 is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game with an intriguing storyline in different galaxies, additional PvP challenge modes and instances where players team up together and fight against unique enemies with different skills and rewards.

The navigation is easy, intuitive and with clear guidance from the platform. For example when the player wonders how to proceed further or clicks more than once on the mouse button the system displays a concrete guide message (proceed to the object in blue color on the map in the left down corner or it’s not necessary to click the mouse button more than once). The game is available in 16 languages in EU and US servers. 66,136 players registered since 01. April 2012.

 5. e-Culture & Tourism

Name of the project: Hotels4D

Summary of the project: An extremely easy-to work innovative integrated (web and mobile) platform to find and book the best and nearest hotel, based on your location or destination. Easy to tune the preferences (price/quality range), and innovative booking agent integrator (contracted with the most popular on-line booking agents). Hotels4D hotels integrated database is among the largest in the world (the app is integrated with Velocity,, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc., with over 350 000 hotels worldwide, and best price among multiple offers guaranteed). It is optimized to match the allocation with the default map app of the device, and will switch directly to navigate (with voice) if GPS info is provided by the hotel. Available FREE for all major mobile platforms, and web. Automatic location tracking (also on web) and navigation. Open to register new hotels by the owners and agents. Ranked 5th among Windows 8 OS users.

6. e-Media & Journalism

Name of the project: Sofia Live

Summary of the project: Sofia Live is a web page and mobile application that reports news and events in the area of urban culture, entertainment and lifestyle. In an interactive and easy way the application guides users through:

– Program of cinemas, theatres, current exhibitions and concerts in Sofia. There is an overview and release for each event;

– Radio channel with 3 hour morning show with attractive host, guests and alternative rock music;

– Contact information about transport, bank, tourism and other city services;

– Selection of the finest and exclusive restaurants in Sofia with ratings, comments, tips and locations.

The municipality of Sofia uses SofiaLife as a promotion tool for the events and services produced by the local administration. The mobile application can provide you with the most relevant information about the nearest and interesting events and recreation places according to your location.

7. e-Business & Commerce

Name of the project: Agri.EU

Summary of the project: is an integrated platform for producers, resellers and distributors of agricultural products and equipment, and raw materials. It also provides news, quality educational content and professional advices exchange. It serves as a business and social network connecting the EU farmer community. It started earlier with a national Bulgarian platform – – the first social media and market place dedicated to the agricultural sector. Then in 2013 a new, European platform was launched, with several national sub-portals implemented already for France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany (in local language and content). The network provides functionalities in 3 domains: news, social community network and market place. has attracted over 2500 followers for one month only since the launch, and more than 5000 users (aggregated with the sub-portals). It is fully operational version (although there’s “beta in the logo – just launched a month ago).

8. e-Inclusion & Empowerment

Name of the project: TimeHeroes

Summary of the project: The TimeHeroes is a social platform bringing together the helpers and the helpees. Every individual or organization that has an important idea, requiring the support of a number of people for its implementation can apply in the platform. After the administrators evaluate and validate your cause it is published and promoted. Volunteers can register in the system and sign up for the causes they would like to support.

TimeHeroes provides information about the activities with which you can support each cause. They can take between 5 minutes (signing a petition) or 2 hours (reading stories to orphans) to 1 day (planting trees).

TimeHeroes is for anyone who wants to donate their time and skills for the things that change the world.

For one year and a half the platforms has promoted over 200 causes in field like environment, animal rights, urban development, health care, craftsmanship, education, social services, etc. and has involved more than 3000 volunteers in them.

The platform supports the development of a socially responsible civil society working for the inclusion and improvement of the quality of life of different minorities (disabled, old people, etc).