Nominations by category – 2011

1. e-Learning

Name of the project: Toddlers & Kids Educational Games

Summary of the project: Musala Soft Toddlers & Kids educational games for iOS were started just a few months ago, but gained speed and obtained recognition quicker than expected. Company’s Christmas game* was ranked N1 in the BG itunes/apple store. On March 1 the first international award was won for the games – European Seal of e-Excellence:

The iPhone/iPad/iPod Toddlers & Kids educational games are targeting the 1 to 7 years-old, whose parents are open to expose their children to the digital environment of their future, where colors, shapes, touch, voice, music, etc. are available in an unique mixture that extends the old-fashioned “real world”. The games are iOS based (iPhone/iPad/iPod) but soon will be available for other popular platforms. The pilot language is Bulgarian; near future plans include other languages. As of 08.03.2011, there are 5639 downloads.

Currently, 3 games can be downloaded for free from Apple store:

“The Letters”:;  “Puzzle”:;  *”Xmas”:  

2. e-Culture & Heritage

Name of the project: Lost Bulgaria

Summary of the project: People easily forget. The present generations do not know almost anything about the previous, they do not know their daily life nor Bulgaria from before. This website is an expanding collection of archive photographs from different parts and time periods in Bulgaria. Currently there are more than 3000 unique photos (since 1980!) which are available for free use and distribution for non-commercial purpose. English version with online Google Translate available.


3. e-Science & Technology

Name of the project: Semantic Technology for Dynamic Publishing

Summary of the project: By offering a quantum leap in the accessibility of information, the semantic technology turns into enabling factor for the so-called knowledge economy. The new approach is known as Semantic Web (or Web 3.0). Ontotext (a Bulgarian software company) with the database engine OWLIM, supported the core of the BBC’s World Cup 2010 website, which was widely recognized as the first high-profile demonstration of semantic technology. OWLIM was used in a critical function in a web site which combines very high visibility (peaking at 20 million requests per day) with high level of dynamicity (hundreds of updates per hour) and high-level of interlinking of subjects, topics and various sorts of related factual information about players, teams, etc. This project was the ultimate demonstration how semantic technology can reduce the cost of publishing very dynamic information and enable much deeper handling of user requests. BBC was able to maintain on its World Cup website about 700 aggregation pages, which offer up to date information on specific subjects.


4. e-Government & Institutions – no nominated application

5. e-Health & Environment

Name of the project: Drugsinfo: Know them, not to love them

Summary of the project: In our work with dependent people and their parents and relatives we often receive questions and opinions like: “Drug addiction cannot be cured.”, “Could marihuana cause an addiction?”, “What kind of detoxification could be done and where?”, “How can I test my child for drugs?”, “Is addiction a disease?”, “Are amphetamines addictive?”… These and similar questions helped us understand the need in our society of reliable information about drugs, their effects, the risks of using them, as well as actual information where to find help.The drugs info line is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and has the following advantages: – Anonymity – each of you can call the hot telephone line or use the chat, e-mail and forum in order to contact us without risk of personality revealing and without fear of conviction; – Accessibility – the info line is accessible 24 hours a day – the work time of our team is from 9 to 17 h, during the other 16 h you can see information on our website or listen to the tapes on our “hot answering machine”; – Objectivity – we are not “for” or “against” drug use, we can only help you make your choice and answer your difficult and sometimes painful questions; – Professionalism – our team consists of professionals, who are taught at work in the field of addictions. The project “Establishing a Bulgarian drugs helpline and Interactive Information website” was financed by the MATRA Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.


6. e-Business & Commerce – no nominated application

7. e-Entertainment & Games

Name of the project: iMediaShare

Summary of the project: The digital entertainment media “freedon” – iMediaShare is a free mobile app that allows you to stream and control multimedia content from smartphone to home entertainment systems using only Wi-Fi connectivity. The application transforms your Android smartphone into a remote control, allowing you to seamlessly stream and watch online media on the big screen. Unlike the many set-top box solutions available in the marketplace, iMediaShare requires no additional hardware and no cables. The mobile solution ensures that your favorite content is portable, so you can play it at any time on any connected TV. iMediaShare also supports connected audio systems and blu-ray players, as well as PS3 and Xbox360 game consoles. Demo online and products download from the URL.


8. e-Inclusion & Participation

Name of the project: Vivacom fund to support children with dyslexia

Summary of the project: The web site “Vivacom fund to support children with dyslexia” is an online communication instrument for one of the themes for social-responsible politics of Vivacom. The web site contains test for dyslexia about children and adults, useful information about the dyslexia, advices of dyslexia experts, press materials, news. The registered users of the web site can share their stories and the dyslexia experts can answer them. The web site has special functionalities for customization of it’s interface, suitable for people with dyslexia. The main text is in Bulgarian, English summary provided.