1. m-Environment & Health

Name of the project: SmartBirds

SmartBirds is both a guide to breeding birds in Bulgaria (269 species altogether) and an electronic journal of observations. It contains images of birds, maps of their distribution in Bulgaria, information on their appearance, diet, and favourite habitats, as well as on where to watch these birds in Bulgaria. The app also provides brief information on birds’ reproduction, migration periods, conservation status, and the threats they face. The description and map coordinates of the Natura 2000 areas help the user to find the closest possible areas for bird watching. The electronic journal allows the user to quickly and easily keep a record of the birds observed, to get precise GPS coordinates, as well as for automatic input of information about the watcher, the date and time of observation. These records can be quickly shared with friends via email and social networks.

The application is designed by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) with the aim of facilitating nature lovers in their encounters with wild birds.

2. m-Learning & Education

Name of the project:Talkie

Talkie solves the problem with low efficiency of teaching preschool kids foreign languages. Usually kids at this age are distracted very easy and they can not keep their attention. On the other hand kids really love to play with touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets. Talkie is an app that uses voice recognition and text to speech engine to interacts with kids and goes beyond just simple flash cards. We use spaced repetition and themed lessons in order to make kids to learn new words. During the lessons kids earn stars and ad the end of each level depending on the stars earned they receive different awards - songs, stories, free lessons, etc.

Kids can challenge their friends and peers comparing their results.

Talkie collects statistics about the performance of each kid and allows adaptation of the vocabulary depending on the pace of each kid.

Parents can monitor progress of their kids and receive monthly reports about their performance.  

 3. m-Entertainment & Lifestyle

 Name of the project: Forward

Forward is a random content discovery application. It allows users to randomly share and discover content with others around the world, anonymously. Why? Because the web started out as a place for free expression where there were no barriers or roadblocks. Over time, the increasing personalization of the web (information ranked, filtered or sorted based on your past behavior and social connections) has slowly erected barriers in the form of isolation. We want to change that with Forward. We want to bring back the essence of the web for a new, social generation.

Forward does not aim to be the next Facebook or Twitter. We want to be a complimentary social network... we want to be the place where users can seek freedom and independence when their typical social experience gets a little too heavy.

 The important thing to remember is that Forward has proven our underlying logic outlined above through the uptake in 35 countries with zero expenditure on marketing.

4. m-Tourism & Culture

Name of the project: Hotels4D

Hotels 4D simplifies hotel discovery through the use of an interactive map with live results filtering. See the difference from traditional search, find the best deal for you and your family and you’ll never go back. Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and web, the app’s main advantage is that it puts emphasis on location making it fast and easy to discover the exact hotel you need through your phone or your browser. Main features include:

  -   Database of over 850,000 hotels worldwide

  -   Deals and promotions based on location or interest

  -   Hotel summary – price rates, photos, facilities, directions and more

  -   Results displayed on a map or a list

  -   Personal accounts & social media integration

  -   Community info – recent ratings, reviews, photos and comments from users

  -   City descriptions and helpful travel tips

  -   Driving or walking directions

The app has been ranked #1 free Travel App for Windows Phone (Travel & Navigation – Hotels) in markets such as Russia, Spain and Italy. It consistently holds a Top 3 position the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and more big markets.

5. m-Media & News

 Name of the project: pCloud

 pCloud is a cloud storage service that improves the quality of your life. It doesnt limit users with size and speed. You can upload and download any file, no matter how large it is, at the highest speed you are provided with. Whats more, all the data youve stored can be found in the palm of your hand and can be instantly synchronized with all of your devices, thanks to our backup support. The pCloud mobile application also offers social media backup, which is perfect for those of our clients, who are active in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can also do the same with all of the photos and videos you take with your mobile device. An exceptional feature, unique only to us is the so called Upload link. By using it, you can generate a personal link to a folder of your choice and give it to friends and colleagues. With this link they can upload files directly to your account without even having a registration. This is due to the fact that we value our clients time and want to ensure an enjoyable experience to those, who use our service one way or another. Like an upload link, pCloud users can also generate a download one, thanks to our applications Download link feature. With it, pCloud users can create a unique download link, providing an opportunity for pCloud as well as non-pCloud clients to download files or folders directly after opening it. Our companys mobile application potential doesnt end here. Those, who choose our service can benefit from an option called Invite to folder. This feature gives you the ability to share your pCloud folders with others by maintaining full control during the process, because our company gives you the exclusive ability to do so. You can choose the actions you want to be performed on the files, when people access your folder. Allowing this, we ensure pCloud clients a certain dose of safety and show how much trust we have in them. Invite to folder has a wide range of applicability in your personal and professional tasks. Apart from work activities, you can use pCloud to store your favourite tunes. Our mobile application has the ability to create playlists too, thus making your everyday routine more convenient and entertaining. You can use pCloud online as well as offline. Our company makes sure that you have your important files anywhere you go, even if you dont have Internet connection. We value convenience and strive to provide it anyway we can.

6. m-Business & Commerce

 Name of the project: mobb

mobb is a platform for secure mobile payments, operated by BORICA - BANKSERVICE JSC. mobb is not an independent payment system. It is an upgrade to card platforms that allows card-holders to make payments via mobile phones as an additional service to the existing card services. In mobb, the payment card is virtualized and the phone is turned into a means to access it.

The service is based on a mobile client (mobb app), which establishes a secure and identifiable connection with a mobb server. The client - mobb app, downloaded from the respective store or a website, creates a safe environment for transmission of payment information. mobb app does not keep data about the cards and their holders.

 The mobb platform is very flexible and allows the Operator to easily manage the existing services and to add new ones.


   -   allows the registration of multiple card products of different banks. They are displayed on the mobile phone as their physical equivalent. Thus, banks retain their individuality as a brand and card product.

   -   does not require participation of a mobile operator, replacement of SIM cards or engagement of other parties, except the Bank and BO-BS

   -   communication connectivity and data sharing in mobb are protected by the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. It provides encryption on the connection and data integrity.

   -   provides an opportunity for contactless payments by placing an rfid sticker and its registration in the application of mobile payments in the phone.

   -   supports almost all mobile platforms since 2004. The minimum requirement is that the mobile device should support Java MIDP2. Supported platforms are: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone 8, JavaMe

   -   operating, which means no foreign investment for development and implementation at the start of the project by the Bank;

 mobb allows for the provision of payment and information services regardless of mobile operator. The solution does not require replacement of SIM card or mobile phone. mobb is a multiplatform application and works with all popular smart phones and phones supporting Java environment.

 mobb uses patented technology for authentication called Payment Code (PC). The mobb server takes care of generating and sending PC to the mobile application. The merchant may accept payments on a website, or POS terminal.

 PC is manually entered. A check is carried out for consistency between the PC generated from mobb server and the one entered manually into the POS, or online PC. If PC match, mobb server sends a request for confirmation to the mobile device. After confirmation by the buyer, the transactional server orders payment from the card of the buyer to the seller. mobb application does not store any IBAN accounts, or number of payment card. This information is kept in the mobb server.

 Any user who wishes to use mobb should register a mobile number and a card. Registration runs in two ways: online and via ATM.


 The online registration is based on a popular model that is used by services such as PayPal, Skrill etc. The user goes online and makes a transaction through the BOBS payment portal with the card he wants to register. BOBS makes a reversal and puts the activation code in the bank statement. This is to make sure that the person that tries to register the card is the actual cardholder.

a) Registration is available online at The user must provide a valid phone number and a valid card product of the bank involved. BORICA - BANKSERVICE will use the first card to make the transfer of BGN 1, which will be returned to the cardholder. Thus, it will provide an activation code;

 b) The user receives an SMS with instructions for downloading the mobb application. The user downloads the mobb application on their mobile phone. Downloaded application is inactive and requires entering an activation code;

 c) Activation code is stated in the reason for payment upon return of the BGN 1 transaction. Activation code can be checked at the bank, in a statement, or through Online banking;

 d) The user enters the activation code, selects the services that they will use and chooses a Password. Transaction for payment of the mobb subscription fee is performed. The application becomes active;

 e) The same procedure (no extra charge for subscription) is repeated while adding new cards, then the card is displayed in the Portfolio and the user can activate it by entering an activation code;


The ATM registration gives the user the possibility to register immediately– PIN authentication is required. The activation code will be printed by the ATM. This procedure ensure that the person that wants to register this card at mobb is the actual cardholder

 a) The user goes to the ATM, of a bank participating in mobb;

 b) The user places the card they want to register and chooses mobb services, enters their mobile number;

 c) ATM generates activation code that is printed as a note;

 d) The same steps as for online registration come next

Information services:

Information services are mandatory minimum condition for activating the user. They allow for monitoring of the balance on card accounts, last 5 transactions and lock/unlock of cards through a mobile device. Payment services are additional to the information services. These services add a completely new way to pay for goods, services, be it online or by a POS terminal. Payment services also enable two individuals to exchange money - P2P. Payment services, as of today, do not require NFC, and this mechanism is replaced by PC. I.e. instead of the phone touching to POS device, in case of POS payment, PC is generated which is entered manually in the POS terminal.

7. m-Inclusion & Empowerment

Name of the project: GPS/Personal Locator

The Personal Locator service allows localization and tracking of children, elderly people with health issues, mobile groups, personnel, tourists, athletes, and many other.

 The service provides information about the location of a specialized portable GPS/GSM device. In case of need or danger, the person who is tracked can notify you, or other people authorized by you about his/her exact location.

Tracking is visualized on Google Maps from any Internet enabled computer, from mobile phones with browser and Android / iOS tablets and smart phone.


1. m-Business & Commerce

Name of the project: Bulbank mobile

Bulbank Mobile is an application, allowing clients to make payments, open bank deposits, etc. The application works on mobile phones supporting Java and there is a special version for iPhone, Android and Blackberry also. Special security measures were taken and each service transaction is signed with software token. Through "Bulbank Mobile" the clients can monitor transactions of their accounts and credit cards, exchange rates and others. Furthermore you can make orders, internal bank payments, exchange currency and perform different operations. Personal messages and news from the bank can be received on your phone. Clients using Bulbank Mobile are paying lower fees and commissions than those making transactions on paper.

Functionality Information:

  -   Balance of account and transaction history;

  -   Available balance overdrafts etc;

  -   Information on standard deposits;

  -   Exchange Rates;

  -   Information on credit cards (details, movements, duties);

  -   Access to the Bank News


  -   Payments in BGN through BISERA and RINGS;

  -   Internal bank payments in BGN;

  -   Currency exchange;

  -   Ability to create templates or use templates created in Bulbank Online;

Advanced options:

  -   Change password;

  -   Change language (choice between Bulgarian and English);

  -   Change font, size, etc.

This is an useful application, which helps the clients of the bank to safe time and effort. Bulbank Mobile is extremely valuable for people who travel ofter. Detailed information can be found on:;

2. m-Government & Participation

Name of the project: SMS Street Parking Platform

Sirma Mobile has developed an intelligent integrated system for organizing the process of SMS parking of vehicles (Electronic Ticketing Platform). On one hand, the system provides citizens with an alternative way of paying parking fees; on the other hand, it enables the municipality to use information of the system and the service to better manage public parking areas.

Client sends SMS to a universal short mobile phone number with the registration number of the car that will be paid parking for. Client receives confirmation message of the payment; 5 minutes before the end of the paid period, the system sends a recall message to the client’s phone. Client can send an empty (or with registration number) SMS to pay for another hour. The platform remembers the registration number of the last send SMS for each phone number. The incoming calls of clients are processed and checked whether the parked cars have already paid. Traffic wardens monitor parked cars for paper tickets and if there is none, the car is checked on the online system whether it has been registered with a valid SMS. If the system returns no valid payment, the car can be clamped or removed to a penalty parking.


4. m-Learning & Education

 Name of the project: Smartboard Calculator

The first calculator combining the convenient user experience of a touchscreen device with rich functionality! Besides the standard calculator features (plus extras such as unit conversion and a library of mathematical functions), Smartboard Calculator also allows you to work with grids & export your results to Excel™! Even more exciting is the endless blackboard where you can solve numerous problems, see all your expressions at the same time and refer to them later. Finally, all important calculations are accessible through the app’s history log and backup to SkyDrive option.


5. m-Entertntainment & Lifestyle

Name of the project: Drugsinfo: iMediaShare

 iMediaShare transforms the smartphone into a virtual VOD media box and ensures online content and subscriptions are available at any time on any TV screen. iMediaShare is a cloud-based mobile media discovery and control technology designed for the Connected Home. It allows consumers to ‘place shift’, take their media with them, anytime, anywhere, without syncing or side loading, effortlessly controlling the stream of digital content over DLNA and Airplay-¬compliant TVs, game consoles and other connected devices.

By providing distribution technology to media companies iMediaShare aims to reduce the effort for content providers to be everywhere their customers want them to be, and empower them to reach millions of viewers via multiple digital channels including smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and other devices. iMediaShare also offers advertising agencies a platform for highly segmented and accurately placed advertisements which, unlike the wide-angle approach of standard TV ads, allows precise targeting for much higher ROI.

For a live demo of iMediaShare follow this link:;

6. m-Tourism & Culture

 Name of the project: 100 National Tourist Objects of Bulgaria

 "100 National Tourist Objects of Bulgaria" is an application that will familiarize you with the most important and significant 100 national tourist sites in Bulgaria.

From landmarks in all national museums and relics to cultural and historical monuments, this application will help you experience an exciting journey through the wonders of Bulgaria.

"100 National Tourist Objects of Bulgaria" provides useful information about each object, including an interactive map of attractions areas, photos, description, address, contacts, time, price for a visit, GPS coordinates, best opportunity for accommodation, close paths, places of interest to visit around the selected object, and availability of a seal or stamp.

Available at the Windows Marketplace:

7. m-Media & News

 Name of the project: ImMediate - Mobile Media Content Platform

 Musala Soft imMediate solution establishes an innovative mobile media platform, enabling newspapers and magazines to extend their user base by delivering their content directly to clients’ mobile devices. The solution optimizes the editorial process - the content is uploaded to the solution just once and becomes automatically available to a broad set of smart phones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad and all Android-based phones and tablets. In addition, the platform has Web 2.0 user interface for customization and administration. Thus, editors start by defining their media brand, describing categories, structure and templates for the articles and further extend to one-click creation, preview and publishing of mobile issues and articles.

Mobile clients are developed as native Android or iOS applications resulting in better performance - smooth and fast apps that use less battery and in the same time provide more flexibility than regular mobile web pages. The server back-end is developed using Java Enterprise Edition and is accessible via a robust content delivery protocol based on REST web services. Two of the flagship users of imMediate are the first iPad newspaper in Bulgaria - iVestnik and the leading business magazine in the country - Manager.

Manager (iOS) -

Manager (Android) - t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5tdXNhbGEuaW1tZWRpYXRlLm1hbmFnZXIiXQ

iВестник (iOS) -

iВестник ( Android) -