Winners from the mYouth’s free two-day mobile development camp in Sofia (14-15 May 2016)

On the 15th of May, the Bulgarian two-day mYouth mobile app development camp, organized by the European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe in Sofia Tech Park ended successfully.

After a day of lectures and discussions on strategic thinking, business modeling and introduction to mobile security for Android, the participants presented to us their own projects.

Those 26 participants made it really hard for us to choose only 3 winning mobile app projects, that would send their authors on a free 3-week mobile development training in Skopje, Macedonia!

But without further ado, here are, in no particular order, the three winners:

FindMyStuff – great project for a mobile lost and found service for Bulgaria. It will enable people not only to share information about lost or found objects or animals. It will also make it possible for public authorities and various organizations (transportation centers, train stations, airports, schools, restaurants etc.) to enter the “lost and found community”. This way, it would be easier than ever to return that lost wallet you found or to find that umbrella you forgot on the subway.

Singer – have you ever wondered if you can sing? How does your voice sound – good or bad? If you have, then you probably know that shyness that makes it so hard for a lot of people to sing face-to-face to someone just to receive feedback and guidelines for improvement. Singer is a social network for people who are wondering how to go about improving their singing abilities. You can not only share your recordings, but you can also make use of the vast library of backing tracks to sing along with.

Explore Varna – this project is all about ensuring foreigners and tourists a quality time in Varna. This application will help you navigate through the city and it’s best locations – restaurants, bars, historical or cultural monuments or even sports facilities. The application will navigate you to the location, give you a phone number of the place, as well as the ability to rate and share your experience in the app and on other social media through the app.

More information about the project – here
Official Facebook page of the project
Official website of the project