National winners 2015!

For the eighth consecutive year the national WSA jury nominated Bulgarian digital products in seven out of the eight categories of the competition.

During August 2015, the second stage of the competition will take place – an online jury of international experts will evaluate and preselect between 15 and 18 products in each of the eight WSA categories. The finalists will compete in final stages of the competition – first in the Grand Jury stage (September 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan) during which the Jury comes together to evaluate the remaining projects that managed to pass to the last stage and then announce the five winners in each category. The fourth and the final stage is the Global Congress in which Global Champion Jury evaluates one Global Champion in each WSA category who is subsequently announced at the Award Ceremony and Gala.

The national winners by category this year are:

  • e-Business and Commerce

The Videonauts – a product that liberalizes the online video market. The Videonauts aims to help small companies to receive access to quality video in order to stimulate the online marketing of their products. They achieve all this using a special algorithm which connects the small company with a freelance consultant in video advertising and advertising materials.

  • e-Culture and Tourism

Like Bulgaria  – an independent social branding project that aims to promote Bulgaria as a world-class tourist destination with quality content about the culture and history, nature and environment, sport and other experience-related tourist attractions. For the promotion of the campaign social medias (Facebook) are used which allows the users to add value and generate content based on user experience.

  • e-Entertainment and Lifestyle

iCinema – a web service targeting the paid cinema on user demand, with a strong focus on European cinema. The platform offers an alternative to the traditional cinema experience and movie distribution, using the modern trends in the business model “cultural entertainment service based on subscription and demand.” Users from around the world can choose what to watch by various categories in a catalog of European movies, they can also comment on actors, movies, directors, etc.

  • e-Health and Environment

Bee Smart – is a set of technologies aiming to address and prevent the more and more threatening extinction of bee colonies. The product offers beekeepers tools for monitoring and data processing in real time, allowing them to take timely measures in order to prevent threats against their hives and colonies. The technology collects and measures data on the temperature and the humidity in the hive, the weight of the hive, the location of the bee colonies, the best practices in the production of honey, etc., and notifies the beekeeper.

  • e-Inclusion and Empowerment

Dari Kruv – a platform for Apple, Android and Windows devices, that connects those willing to donate blood with those in need of blood transfusion and blood products. Every day, due to car crashes, operations, childbirth and various diseases, more than 500 people in Bulgaria have an emergency need of blood and blood products, available only through blood donation.

  • e-Learning and Science

SmartiGraphs – an educational website, the mission of which is to contribute to a conscious and active citizen participation in  the political processes in Bulgaria. Using unique, copyright content, innovative tools and a team of experts, the goal of the site is to meet the needs of the citizens for knowledge related to politics and society in a comprehensive way (ie. Infographics). The main areas of focus of SmartiGraphs are the political and social issues.

  • e-Media and News

Imagga – a technology for photo editing which detects and automatically places markers on images, which allows their easier analysis, annotation and use. The platform, as well as the generated metadata from the photos, serves the larger part of the photography-related ecosystem – photographers, stock photos websites and other commercial intermediaries, media and journalists, keen photographers, designers and advertisers, bloggers and many more.