Local mobile camps

Local mobile camp Bulgaria

When: 14-15 May, 2016 (10:00 – 14:00)
: Sofia Tech Park, Cyber Security Lab (building in front of the Incubator building), floor 1
Registration is now closed! See the winning applications here!

Criteria for evaluation:

Introduce us to your project, and begin with a compelling story. You should also address the problem that you’re solving in the marketplace.

Tell us what’s unique about your project and how it will solve the issue that you previously addressed. Keep it short! Your whole presentation shouldn’t be longer than 15 minutes.

Don’t say that everyone is your market even though this might be true some day. Be realistic about who you’re building your product for.

What channels are you going to use to promote your product in order to reach its potential customers? How will you measure success?

Who is your competition and how are you different?

How will you make money out of your project? Be very specific about what you offer for free and what you will charge for – and their price also.

About the local camps:

Local mobile camps will take place in each of the participating countries of this project: from Europe (Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Spain, Austria and Macedonia), to Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong), and Africa (Senegal and Ghana).

The local events are to usually take the format of up-to-three-days competition code camps, where at least 20 youngsters per country, will be invited to compete and develop mobile android apps. Each country will select the winner (s) who get the chance to attend the mYouth training camp in Skopje, Macedonia from June 20 to July 14, 2016.

All costs for participation (accommodation, travel, visa, meals) will be covered for those who win this opportunity.

More than 20 mobile apps will be developed through the Local Mobile App Code Camps. If you have a brilliant idea for a mobile application, this is your chance and getaway to embark on a special journey, where, aside working on your mobile app idea, you will also enter a vibrant network where you can pitch your idea, and also be rewarded for your digital product at a world level.

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