eYA & mYouth

So, what happens after you complete the mYouth training camp in Macedonia? Here’s what:

All apps developed during the mYouth Training in Macedonia will be submitted to the European Youth Award and have the chance to be #EYA16 Winner! Or even the winner of the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) respectively! Very cool, right! And an amazing chance for you to boost your career opportunities and be noticed by the best from the best.

Both the competitions reward best digital achievements in the field of youth and education across Europe and the world. Both are organized by the International Center for New Media (Austria), partner of this project.

By entering mYouth’s project activities, through the Local Digital Camps, and the mYouth training in Macedonia, your mobile application for youth and education can be nominated and selected as a finalist for the WSYA.

After you are recommended to compete for the WSYA as an mYouth applicant, WSYA judges will select the best of best applicants who will be invited to attend the Gala Event for the competition in Austria (WSYA Summit). The WSYA summit will dedicate time to reward the best ideas after finalists pitch their ideas to a network of people who support digital achievements for the well of humanity. The event itself is an excellent opportunity to meet new people who can support your work through partnerships, contacts, venturing etc.

The competition awards mobile apps that particularly tackle some of the SDGs, which as goals, address extreme poverty in its many dimensions: hunger, disease, lack of adequate shelter, income poverty, and exclusion, while promoting equality, education, and environmental sustainability. These are all basic human rights – the right of each person on Earth to survival, health, education, shelter and security. If your mobile app works well to boost some of these aspects, then you are on the good go for the WSYA.

Don’t forget, WSYA Summit also features world-class keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, and engaging panel discussions about social entrepreneurship and the creative content industry. Yet, don’t worry if you don’t enter as a WSYA finalist. mYouth will still host a special mYouth Gala event which will reward the best applicants of the project alone. More information is coming soon!

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